3 easy recipes to make at home

Over the Christmas season, we presented 3 easy recipes on our social media channels to help you impress your guests.

In this blog post, we’re bringing back these recipes so that, now the holiday’s over, you can enjoy making and tasting 3 great dishes from our Executive Chef Jordi Samper.


1- Pato Fekkia 

Ingredients: Dried apricot, dried fig, red onion, half a lime, crushed pistachios, olive oil and preserved duck confit.

2- Bunny Chao

Ingredients: White onion, chicken thigh, olive oil, curry powder, coconut milk, passion fruit pulp, Greek yoghurt and bread rolls.

3- Chaka Fish

Ingredients: Ginger, galanga, turmeric powder, grated turmeric, croaker, Greek yoghurt, coconut milk, olive oil and a few sprigs of fresh dill.