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Food for a good tan

Food for a good tan

If you are a person who enjoys having a good tan during the summer (and throughout the year), you’ll want to know about the foods that will help you to get the perfect skin tone; a bright and attractive tone but also doing it in a healthy way. Don’t forget, for such a reason, that it is important to use always a good sunscreen and ideally not to expose yourself to the sun during the crucial hours of the day, those with the strongest sunlight and heat.

In addition, to achieve your goal of getting a healthy and slender tan, you must incorporate some food to your diet to help you take care of your skin in every moment and naturally:

  • Foods high in carotenes as carrot, tomato, pumpkin, spinach, peppers or broccoli. Add them to your daily diet and the melanin will be increasing in your body so as to achieve a better tan.
  • The vitamin C is essential for combating the free radicals that release especially during long exposures to the sun, therefore, add to your diet citrus fruits such as the kiwi, orange, lemons, strawberries or raspberries.
  • The vitamin E it is also paramount to achieve a perfectly tanned skin. Found in the dried fruits and nuts, leaf vegetables, vegetable oils, wheat or whole-grain cereals.
  • Very important not to forget the abundant water consumption. It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres a day and to add juicy fruits such as melon or watermelon.

Now that you know which food to eat for the summer months in order to keep your an in a healthy and natural way, go to the beach of Barcelona and try one of our smoothies or juices from fruits and vegetables. Don’t stop the beach life!

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