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Cocktails and juices in the Pantea’s beach bars

Cocktails and juices in the Pantea’s beach bars

With the arrival of the summer, the best moments and snapshots of the year come back thanks to the holidays, beach, sea, sun, naps, brown skin, beach bars, trips, friends and also the best cocktails and juices on the sand.

There is no summer without all these factors though, as neither these exist without a good and refreshing cocktail. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with fruits or without, with gas or without, with colour or not, with beer or without, to share or to have on your own, to drink in the deckchair or in the bar. Whatever it is, in the four beach bars of Pantea Group (Bambú Beach Bar, Vai Moana, La Deliciosa or Blue Beach Bar) you’ll find a great selection of fresh juices, smoothies and alcoholic cocktails for these summer months to enjoy the beach in Barcelona.

For example, for the summer appointment there are the classic cocktails with alcohol as the mojito, sangria, caipirinha or piña colada. If you prefer them without alcohol, no problem because this year, as a novelty, we also have juices or smoothies just done which will delight the healthiest ones. Apart from liking them, you’ll see that it will be inevitable to take pictures of them with the sea at the background to be the envy of all your friends…

Remember that you can enjoy our cocktails sitting in the bar, in our new bars (in front of the sea!), on the deckchairs of our beach bars and also to carry them wherever you want if you prefer. We have the cocktail’s menu so you can start looking at what you’ll be able to enjoy in the beach bars of Vai Moana, Bambú, La Deliciosa, or Blue.

Cheers and enjoy the beach life!

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