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The most refreshing summer drinks

The most refreshing summer drinks

With this heat, we need to stay hydrated more than ever and to make it more manageable and tasty, we propose what for us are most refreshing summer drinks!

We propose a list of fresh and tasty drinks that you can find even travelling. These are simple, common, but ideal alternatives for this season. In our beach bars you can enjoy most of them, and they are also easy to prepare so you can make your own homemade creations.

Here are our suggestions!

  • What do you prefer: gazpacho or salmorejo? Refreshing and nutritious. Tasty, isn’t it?
  • It is said that it is the summer drink but if you like it, the horchata is for the whole year! In addition to refreshing, nutritive and energetic.
  • A classic but for those who like coffee, you need your alternative for the summer: iced coffee, please. In our beach bars, ask your frappé coffee.
  • Iced tea. This option allows you to keep on drinking it without suffocating. The same you usually drink or more summer-like alternatives. Adding lemon and herbs will provide an even more refreshing taste.
  • Lemonade, of course. The good alternative to fizzy soft drinks. Homemade, you have it in 10 minutes. In Pantea Group, with or without mint.
  • Juices/Smoothies simple, fresh and delicious:
    Our proposal that you’ll find in all our beach bars: Tropical with banana, mango, pineapple, coconut milk.
    A cold-pressed juice as the golden liquid with lemon, apple, pineapple, ginger, turmeric and bee pollen.
  • Cocktail (with or without alcohol) fruity and fresh. As for example a Virgin Mary with tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, celery, salt, pepper and tabasco. Healthy, fresh and regenerating.

What do you think about our suggestions on refreshing drinks for the summer? What are you seduced by?

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