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Things to do in Barcelona in August

Things to do in Barcelona in August

August is already here. Many of you are already counting the days and the hours left to pick up the suitcases and start your well-deserved vacation. But many others will remain in the desert-like Barcelona facing the heat as you can and enjoying the quiet streets. Barcelona in August can undoubtedly be a great time.

And not only will the calm be the tone of the holiday’s month par excellence: during these days, Barcelona will host a host a bunch of activities and recreational events that you will not want to miss. Here are the best examples:

Outdoor cinema
After Sala Montjuïc and Cine a la Fresca, in August Gandules arrives, which is a free film festival outdoors in the inner CCCB’s square. Alternative and independent films for free including hammock.

Grec 2016
The summer is not conceived without the Grec Festival. This multidisciplinary festival brings the best shows from theatre, dance and music to Barcelona every July and August. You have until the August 6 to enjoy the best art.

Vivian Maier. In Her Own Hands
The story of this Manhattan nanny is worth mentioning and explaining, since her photographic legacy has not been found and valued until recently. This amateur photographer managed to capture the life of the New York in the 50s through a very personal and genuine view. The expo will be held in the Fundación Colectania until September.

Música als parcs
Another great summer opportunity is to take advantage of the concerts in the parks with various musical styles. Don’t miss those organised in the parc de la Ciutadella. More info here.

Festes de Gràcia
The summer outdoor activities organised by neighbourhoods are always welcome, and in Gràcia even more, because of the beauty of its streets decorated and covering different topics. Each decorated street offers daily an extensive program of activities among neighbours, contests, concerts and much more. 5 intense days with a few hours for sleeping.

Festes de Sants
Very similar to the Gràcia’s, the district of Sants keeps enjoying the summer after Festes de Gràcia each August with lots of music, dance, activities and streets decorated for the occasion.

Carmen de Bizet
Opera lovers should not miss this great opportunity to see this classic of Bizet. More info here.

The RnB diva returns to Barcelona once again to delight us with a must-see show at her Formation World Tour in the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona. It is not usual for her to perform a concert in our country, so you have to take the opportunity.

If you prefer photography instead, there’s no problem because at Palau Robert a very interesting exhibition is awaiting you and will last until September.

Beach bars
And after so much culture, what better than relaxing in one of our beach bars in front of the sea? From breakfast to dinner, to the appetisers and the afterwork, you have an inexhaustible supply of good vibes and great beach life.

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