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Take away at any time of the day

Take away at any time of the day

One of the most important and successful novelties of the 2016 season has been the incorporation of the take away service in our beach bars of Pantea Group in Barcelona.

Without a doubt, an option that enables our users to choose a large part of our usual menu products to carry wherever they want. With this service, in addition to carry the best dishes and drinks of our beach bars wherever you want, you will also save time and possible queues when trying to find a free table.

Moreover, the take away service is available throughout the day, as the schedule of each local: from breakfast to dinner:

It is said that breakfast is the preferred meal of day for many people and also one of the most important ones to start the day properly. We suggest that you choose to take away a healthy bowl of acai or a snack flute with mozzarella and tomato. See more options in our menu.

What better way for starting than with a few olives, potatoes, cockles, almonds, some spicy fried potatoes, nachos or a fresh tzaziki. The ideal time to share a good time with friends or family with a good appetizer before. Look at the other options in our take away menu.

First ‘hard’ day food is the perfect moment to consider a forceful organic meat burger, a stunning New Yorker sandwich, a pulled-pork sandwich or, if you prefer something lighter, a salad of burrata or with garden vegetables. Find out here other tasty options from our menu, ah! And remember the desserts too!

If you prefer either a sweet or a salty snack, in the take away menu you can choose from both options. From an irresistible tarte tatin or a gourmet sandwich with acorn-fed Iberian ham.

The last meal, but not the least tasty or important, is equally full of tempting options. In addition to those considered for dinner, in the evening we can choose something lighter, like the salmon timbale, an omelette with potatoes or a salad Som Tam (with papaya and other exotic delights…). Check here our menu.

As you see, the day take away comes fully loaded and ready to offer us the best taste wherever we want. A take away is ready! Viva the beach life!

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